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Easter Bunny!

Yesterday we took Connor on his first trip to meet the Easter Bunny.

For those in the area, we went to South Coast Plaza, which was a fantastic choice.  They convert the Carousel from horses to bunnies, and the whole area is decorated with an Easter theme.  The bunny is not a creepy guy in a bunny suit, but is instead an impressive puppet controlled by a puppeteer who interacts with parents, the baby and photographer.  The photographer was also good, utilizing top of the line photography equipment and capturing great photos.

They are a little pricey — $8 to use your own camera and $14 to purchase their 5×7 (this includes allowing you to take your own photos).

There were some other neat things too, like a wishing well with a video camera mounted so that when the kids look inside, they see themselves in the bottom of the well (while avoiding the liability of water!).  There were quite a few people there getting pictures taken (at about 1 in the afternoon), but the wait was not bad at all.  We strongly recommend this location, and come Christmas, we will be going back for him to meet Santa!